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Welcome to the Five Parishes Website

The United Parish of Broxted with Chickney, Tilty, Great Easton and Little Easton

Our four working churches are of different sizes and styles and serve the communities of Broxted and Chickney, Duton Hill, Tilty, Great Easton and Little Easton.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters they are kept in good structural and decorative condition with well maintained churchyards. The church doors are kept unlocked to encourage locals, visitors and private worship. They are popular with tourists and have been mentioned in several books on English churches and in guides to the area.

The Five Parishes is an inspirational place to live, work and worship. The tranquility of its rural location makes it an ideal place to raise a family. Living here, you are at the heart of village life, yet close to the wider facilities of local market towns. Good communications give easy access to larger towns and cities for anything not available locally.


3rd February - 5th Sunday before Lent

11.00   TILTY All Age Worship
18.00   TILTY CW Holy Communion

10th February - 4th before Lent

09.30   BROXTED BCP Holy Communion
11.00   BROXTED All Age Worship

17th February - 3rd before Lent

11.00   LITTLE EASTON CW Holy Communion
18.00   LITTLE EASTON Evensong

24th February - 2nd before Lent

09.30   GREAT EASTON BCP Holy Communion
11.00   GREAT EASTON All Age Worship with Explorers Group for Children

3rd March - Sunday next before Lent

11.00   TILTY All Age Worship
18.00   TILTY CW Holy Communion

Countess of Warwick - Little Easton ChurchThroughout the centuries many have come to our churches to worship God and to find peace and inspiration and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our church.

While acknowledging that God is everywhere it is often in church where people can shut out the commotion of everyday life, experience the glory of God and feel in touch with things beyond themselves.

Our Churches are open every day to visitors. Many come to enjoy the rich history which the churches offer, while others come for the peace and quiet of the local surroundings – to pause and to pray.


Please do look around this website and get in touch for any enquiries or assistance.