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Five Parishes magazineThis magazine is published monthly and is distributed free to every household in the Five Parishes.
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The latest edition of The Five Parishes Magazine contains the following editorial content.  For various reasons we are unable to publish the names, telephone numbers etc of private individuals.  However if you require further information about any of the events mentioned, the Editor, Angela, will be happy to help you.  Contributions for the Magazine should reach her by latest 10th of the month prior to month of publication.


Priest-in-Charge: Revd Tim Goodbody writes from The Vicarage, 7 Ruffels Place, Stebbing, CM6 3TJ
Telephone 01371 856080 /
07708 660162 Email
Curate: Revd Janet Parker Telephone 01371 870920 Email

October 2019

Dear Friends

In one of the villages I am privileged to serve, the church hoover gave up the ghost this week. It has been there since before I arrived (13 years ago this month), and was old then. You can’t get the bags for it any more, it was causing the electrics to trip, and you can’t get the front panel back on after you empty the (very fragile) bag.

But it still hasn’t been thrown away! In church, like in many aspects of our lives, we are reluctant to get rid of things, when their useful life is over. As a man in his 50s I know I am not alone in having a drawer (OK 2 drawers now) full of assorted electronic gadgetry which “might come in handy one day”. About once a year I am able to crow triumphantly “I’ve got the right lead for that!” The rest of the time those drawers are just clutter, taking up space.

An old friend used to call this sort of thing the sedimentary principle – old stuff just gets pushed to the bottom and ignored like sediment in a lake or river, and it’ll be someone else’s problem in the future. The issue of climate change, and its coverage in the recent media, I hope is teaching us that we can’t keep sweeping stuff under the carpet and hoping someone else will sort it out in the future. It doesn’t even matter what the causes of climate change are, we all know deep down we could do something to help fight it, and we need to do that now before it is too late.

I’m sure there are many readers who remember the days before every family had two cars, and it was much more normal to take the bus or walk or cycle to school, or work. I suspect the days are coming when we will go back to that pattern (bus services? Well, we’ll have to see ...). Electric cars used to be like hens’ teeth, but in our lifetimes they will become much more common as fossil fuels are phased out. Perhaps even horses will come back into their historic role of transport and agriculture, not just leisure and pleasure.

We are all used to recycling thanks to the many and several bins the council provide us with, but how much rubbish is still going into landfill because it is not financially viable to recycle it? We cannot sustain this level of throwing things away, without increasing the damage plastic (among other things) is doing to our environment.

There are simple things we can do. I try not to buy single use plastic bottles (check out, available at Gifted in Thaxted) and I heard this week about a scheme for recycling cling film and other “non-recyclable” plastics as house bricks for Africa.

And if we are aiming to avoid the sedimentary principle in society, surely we can do the same in our own lives. We all have the equivalent of my clutter drawers in our emotional or spiritual lives – stuff we are carrying around which is no longer helpful (and might even be harming our mental health). This autumn, in our season of Thanksgiving for Harvest and Remembrance of times and lives now gone from us, take the opportunity in your thanksgiving and remembrance to perhaps declutter your mind and heart, laying down those things you’ve been carrying around all these years. Any member of the Pilgrim Parishes staff team will gladly help you do that

With best wishes Tim

Rev Tim





The Salings (GS: Great and LS: Little)


6th October
16th after Trinity

9.30am Holy Communion

11am BCP Holy Communion @ GS

11am Harvest Festival
3.30–5pm TOTS

13th October
17th after Trinity

9.30am Morning Prayer

11am Morning Prayer @ LS

11am Holy Communion + Kids Connect

20th October
18th after Trinity

9.30am Holy Communion

11am Family Service @ GS

8am BCP Holy Communion
11am Morning Prayer + Kids Connect

27th October
Last Sunday after Trinity

9.30am Family Service

9.30am Holy Communion @ LS

11am Holy Communion + Kids Connect

3rd November
4th before Advent

9.30am Holy Communion

11am BCP Holy Communion @ GS

11am Morning Prayer
3.30–5pm TOTS


In the continuing ‘discussions’ about Stansted Airport’s 2018 application for growth to 43 million passengers per annum (mppa), Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) has issued a press release condemning Stansted Airport for orchestrating a campaign aimed at pressurising Uttlesford District Council (UDC) to grant final approval for the application

SSE’s arguments cover such statements as thousands of jobs being put at risk (the airport’s own assessment is that the current 35 million limit will not be reached for at least four years), allegations regarding the Airport’s contribution to regional business economy and the tourism industry in the East of England.  SSE continue to stress the importance of carbon emissions and resulting risks to business and the population at large.

Space availability precludes us from giving full details, but these are available at



The last walk of the 2019 season is on Saturday 19th October.  The host church is St Mary the Virgin, Farnham, near Bishop’s Stortford, references CM23 1HR and 481 248.  Queries to Revd Paul Wilkin telephone 01279 812203 e-mail  As always, the walk commences at 9am and will be followed by light refreshments and a short service when thanks will be given to the host church.  Suitable footwear for country walking is advisable and dogs on leads are always very welcome.

Walkers in August were delighted to welcome a family from Norfolk who had found details of the walk on the Five Parishes website when looking for somewhere to walk before visiting friends elsewhere in Essex.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported the walks during the year, especially all those kind people who provided such wonderful refreshments.


Over the past couple of months, those of us lucky enough to live in our beautiful countryside, have been listening to a gentle background purr of combine harvesters. We have even had the pace of our lives momentarily slowed as we followed carts, laden with grain, trundling along our roads.  Now we join with churches across the world to give thanks for all the good things God has given us.  And for the hard work of all those involved. 

Thanksgiving ceremonies and celebrations for a successful harvest are both worldwide, being celebrated by many differing religions since ancient times.

In the Five Parishes we will be coming together to celebrate at: 11.00 am, in Little Easton Church, on Sunday 20th October

Everyone is most warmly welcome, whether you are a regular church goer or not.  This is a wonderful opportunity for all our communities to come together to sing much loved harvest hymns, to say ‘thank you’ and to get to know each other a little better.  If transport is a problem or you feel nervous about coming on your own, please let me know and we will be happy to help and support you.

We will be collecting non-perishable foods to send to local Foodbanks and, if you are able to do so, please give generously.  The Harvest 2019 list of items required by the Braintree Foodbank is given later in this section.

A Harvest Blessing to you all.       Revd Janet (01371 870920)


The current plans for services in the Five Parishes churches during the Christmas period are:

Sunday 8th December
9.30am BCP Holy Communion at Broxted
2.30pm Christmas Market Carols at Little Easton Manor
4pm Carol Service at Broxted

 Sunday 15th December
11am CW Holy Communion at Little Easton
4pm Carol Service at Tilty

Sunday 22nd December
11am CW Holy Communion at Great Easton
4pm Carol Service at Little Easton

 Thursday 24th December
3.30pm Crib Service at Great Easton
11.30pm Midnight Service at Tilty

 Wednesday 25th December
10am Family Communion at Broxted

Situated as they are amongst our very proactive communities, our churches have to remain flexible, so do please check the details of the services you wish to attend nearer the time, and particularly on the cover of the December issue.


Warwick Newbury writes: On behalf of the four churches that make up The Five Parishes, a huge thank you to the army of volunteers and especially to the unsung heroes, led by Ben, who work behind the scenes to set up and then clear up after the Show.  Particular thanks to the strong men from P & A Wood who remove and stack our pews to create space in the church for the Art Show and to the superb band of Young Farmers who lift the pews back into place, having cleared up and taken down their immensely popular beer tent.

The Show could not happen without the Manor hosting half of our Show with their inviting and splendid backdrop.  We are so grateful to Andy and Mel.  This our 30th Show produced a major step forward with fast broadband being available to our stallholders.  For this, thanks go to Andy for inviting us to use the Manor Wi-Fi and to Dennis for making it happen.

We parked about 2,500 cars over the two days on the Pedley grass field and on the Trembath fields.  The Trembaths also kindly provide the land to enable our much-loved vintage tractor ploughing to happen.  As ever, several stalls were set up in the Rectory garden with their blessing.  Thank you all.

We enjoyed the Show and hope that you all did.  There was a wonderful happy atmosphere with great community spirit on a sunny weekend.  Let us know what we could do better, please, as we embark on the next 30 years.  Also, if you are not yet a volunteer, let us know if you would like to join the team.

We never forget that it costs approximately £75,000 a year to run our four churches, so the contribution from the Show team, headed by Tim Turner, of circa £30,000 a year is very welcome.  Thank you to all who visited, paid the modest £10 entry fee, donated to the bottle stall or tombola, baked, brewed, photographed, grew vegetables, flowers or made items for the handicraft section in the Horticultural Tent.

We had a splendid collection of stallholders who pay for their stands and thank you to our generous sponsors, especially to P & A Wood, our lead sponsor.

Lastly as it is our 30th Anniversary, we should remember the late Revd Jack Filby for having had the vision to create the Show in the tradition of the late Countess of Warwick and to the succession of vicars who have enthusiastically continued to give it their full support.


Brian Miller writes: The last draw has taken place of the current session with cork No. 66 going to Josh Askew.  The winners and their corks over the past twelve months have been:
Cork No. 13 Roger/Phyllis Clark.  Cork No. 26 Karen Newbury.  Cork No. 35 Annie Tooth.  Cork No. 61 Frank Bennett.  Cork No. 24 Jackie Dawson.  Cork No. 107 Jim Hoynes.  Cork No. 106 Joan Clarke.  Cork No. 15 Peter Ward.  Cork No. 68 John Sly.  Cork No. 58 Joan Francis.  Cork No. 14 Andrew/Sharon Wise.  Cork No. 66 Josh Askew.

The first draw of our new term has been scheduled for 29th September, but you can participate during the Club year.  We do need a few more contributors to make this a viable exercise so you can still join by paying £1 a month up to and including next August.  Please send your details and payment by cheque to me, Brian Miller, Springate Cottage, Radleys End, Duton Hill, Dunmow, Essex CM6 3PT.  Cheques should be made payable to The Friends of The Five Parishes. 

But payment can also be made online to TSB Bank, Dunmow Sort code 30-92-76 Account name The Friends of the Five Parishes Account No. 00785483.  Please quote your name as a reference and notify me of this method of payment.  This is important if you are joining as a new member as I will need your details to send you your winnings!


The speaker at the October meeting of the Eastons & Tilty W.I. will be Marion Pettet who will give us A Peek Behind the Scenes at the Chelmsford Ballet.  The meeting will start at the usual time of 2.30pm.  For further information please contact either President, Doreen Hart, on 01371 870830 or Secretary, Christine Chalkley, on 01371 852180.  All are welcome to attend.


Jill Goldsmith writes:  Our Bat Walk on 6th September was a treat – Frances and Steve told us all about the bats which live around us; we saw them fly out of the trees and swoop over the lily pond in the Italian Garden and the fishing lake at the bottom of the Glade.  Our detectors clicked away when it was getting too dark to see them.  In total, Frances’ iPad, with its sophisticated detector kit, registered eight bat types – one more than when they did the week-long survey for us in June 2017.

And so we come to the final Open Day of the season on Sunday 20th October – a chance for a lovely last stroll around, maybe with the children and/or dogs, and with the beginnings of autumn colour in the trees and flower borders and perhaps still a few giant pumpkins dotted around the walled kitchen garden.

The Ukes of Hazard will be with us to bring a smile to our faces and encourage us to sing and dance!  Gates open 11.30am to 5pm, last entry 4pm – entry price £4.50 and free for children under 16 years old.  There will be hot and cold refreshments: locally sourced bacon rolls and cheese rolls, hot and cold drinks and, of course, homemade cakes.  For more information and news, see our website or find us on Facebook. 

This is a photo of our very own Easton Countess.  This tree and its apples have been proven to be unregistered on the national apple ID database so it has been named Easton Countess and it will be registered as a newly identified variety.


A reminder that the Greville Theatre Company is presenting for its 2019 autumn production at The Barn Theatre, Little Easton Manor:

LIFE AND BETH by Alan Ayckbourn

It is Christmas and Beth Timms is mourning the recent death of her husband, Gordon.  Beth’s sister-in-law Connie and son Martin have come to stay, to try and ensure that she should have a stress-free Christmas.  Only David, the local vicar, provides Beth with any comfort.

Thursday 10th October at 8pm – no supper – tickets £12
Friday 11th October including a specially-catered two course supper before the play – doors open at 7pm, supper at 7.30pm, curtain up at 8.30pm – £27
Saturday 12th October including a specially-catered two course supper before the play – doors open at 7pm, supper at 7.30pm, curtain up at 8.30pm – £27

Tickets are now available from the online booking service TicketSource using the web link

In the meantime, if you would like any further information, please contact the Greville Secretary, Lynda Shelverton, on 07702 721293.


On Tuesday 1st October Hazel McGregor’s demonstration will be entitled Floral Fusion.  Meetings are held at the United Reformed Church, Bolford Street, CM6 2PY at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of the month.  Easy parking and disabled access are available to the meeting room.  Annual subscriptions £36, visitors £5 per evening.  All welcome.


On Monday 28th October speaker Paul Harrison’s subject will be The very best 50 small trees for small spaces.  (Sorry for giving the wrong title last month).  The Club meets in The Day Centre, access via Margaret Street car park, at 7.15pm.  Cost is £3 per person and £1 per ticket for the raffle.


The Harvest items urgently needed at Braintree are: instant mash, 1L Long Life fruit juice, tinned spaghetti, sponge puddings, sugar (500g packs only please).  Items needed to maintain stocks are: pasta sauce, tinned cold meats, tinned fruit, Long Life milk, tea bags (40s or 80s), tinned tomatoes, tinned rice pudding, deodorant, washing powder/liquid.

At the moment they do NOT need: toothpaste, tinned hot meat, baked beans, tinned potatoes, packs of pasta.

Please do give generously at the Harvest Festival service at Little Easton on Sunday 20th October.  On behalf of the Foodbank, we thank you for your generous support.


The two evenings of Magic & Mischief organised by Brian and Audrey Miller take place in Great Easton Village Hall on Friday/Saturday 25th/26th October.  As we went to press, tickets were still available for Friday.  Contact Audrey Miller on 01371 870927 or  Proceeds dedicated to supporting Cystic Fibrosis sufferers in memory of Simone Cowland.


This successful event takes place this year on Friday 15th November from 1pm to 8pm in the two halls, the OSCA Hall and the Henham Village Hall.  An entry fee of £1 covers both venues.  All proceeds go to Essex & Herts Air Ambulance.  The event is sponsored by E Corr Plant Hire and Optoelectronics Group.

Stalls available include art, candles, chocolates, jewellery, cards, books, Christmas decorations, handbags and accessories, family portraits and many gift ideas.


Who Do You Think You Are?  Coinciding with the end of the BBC TV current series, Dunmow U3A welcomed to its September meeting one of the experts behind the programmes, Dr Nick Barratt.  He is a historian, genealogist and currently Director of Senate House Library at the University of London. 

Those who may be prompted to research their family history further can join the local Dunmow U3A Family History Group which meets on a Monday afternoon once a month at The Maltings, Mill Lane, Great Dunmow.  New members are always welcome.  Further information from David Wolfe on 01371 872363 or Jill Lloyd on 01371 873094 or the Dunmow U3A website


The Trials take place on Saturday 11th July 2020 and applications for claimants are now open, closing on Friday 14th February 2020.  Could you claim the pig?  Visit the Flitch Trials website for more information and to download an application form.

This ancient custom dates back to the days of Chaucer, is unique in the world as far as is known, and Dunmow is rightly very proud to keep this wonderful event running.  The Flitch Trials are about marriage.  Hopefully, happy marriages.  High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge launched The Marriage Foundation in 2012 and his wise words make us think that, in these austere times, less is actually more.  “Marriage is not something that falls out of the sky ready-made onto beautiful people in white linen suits,” he said.  “It involves endless hard work, compromises, forgiveness and love.” 

That is exactly what the Trials are about – the hard work of those on the Committee, they are accompanied by a great deal of laughter, a wonderful groundswell of warm wishes, prayers and promises for the future; a community united in a day of celebration like no other.

The jury of six maidens and six bachelors of Dunmow are already selected, and eagerly awaiting their important role.  The Judge is dusting off his wig and gown, and the Flitches are being fattened.  (Yes, they really are a ‘half a pig’!)


This new Help Point has been opened by Farleigh Hospice at the Sweet Pea Café on Springfield Road, Chelmsford CM2 6JY.  Within a relaxed environment you can enjoy a cup of tea, have a chat, share experiences and access help and support.  The group meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 10.15am to 12 noon, and is run by Farleigh’s Circle Adult Bereavement Services.  For more information, go to or call 01245 457308.


This recipe is a good way of using up stale bread, especially if you have a few windfall apples around.

Spiced Bread and Apple Pudding - Serves 4

5 or 6 slices wholemeal bread, buttered and with the crusts left on; 50g (2oz) raisins or sultanas; 2 medium cooking apples; 1 teaspoon mixed spice; 50g (2oz) Demerara sugar; Freshly grated nutmeg; 2 large eggs; 300ml (half pint) semi-skimmed milk; A little butter

Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark4.  Cut the slices of bread and butter in two, and arrange half of these (buttered side down) around the base of an 850ml (1½ pint) baking dish.  Sprinkle in half the raisins or sultanas, then peel and slice the apples thinly and pile them on top, sprinkling in the mixed spice and about two-thirds of the sugar.  Now top with the rest of the pieces of bread (buttered side uppermost this time) and sprinkle in the rest of the raisins or sultanas, the nutmeg and the rest of the sugar.  Next, whisk the eggs and beat them into the milk.  Pour this over everything.  Add a few dots of butter and leave a few minutes for the milk mixture to soak into the bread.  Place the dish in the oven and bake for 30–40 minutes.
The top will be golden and crusty and the underneath light and puffy.

If you have a favourite recipe, seasonal or otherwise, which you would like to share, please send it to Gill Willoughby at


We are back in full swing of a new school year after a refreshing summer holiday.  Our newest family members have settled really quickly and have formed great friendships with their year 6 buddies.  Our new school uniform ‘activewear’ is proving to be very popular with children, parents and staff.  The difference it is making to PE lessons and running our daily mile is amazing – no more wasted time while we change clothes, we are always ready to be active and to go outside.  It’s a teachers’ dream!

We have also spent lots of time embedding our new school vision:

We are God’s children and global citizens.  We will be bold enough to use our voices, brave enough to evoke change in the world and strong enough to stand up for what is right.  We are valued and are part of a Christian family that grows together in faith, love and kindness.

This was created after all the staff shared their opinions about the things that we believe makes GEPS such a special place.  It took a long time to get the wording exactly right, but we are very proud of our final decision and feel it represents everything we are passionate about.  We have introduced the vision to the children through activity days in house teams and classes, as well as having weekly awards for children who have displayed the qualities mentioned in our school vision.  I will keep you updated as to how this develops over the year.

Thank you for reading.
Holly Miles
Year 4/5 Teacher
Assistant Headteacher



From the desk of the Parish Clerk:  Good news, Catherine Rodwell was co-opted onto the Council at our August Parish Council meeting; we welcome her to the team.  

Empty Properties

It has been noted that the parish has a number of properties sitting uninhabited for what amounts to years in some instances.  If you are aware of any, please advise the Clerk.


Residents have come forward interested in establishing a Speedwatch group, but they need more bodies for it to operate.  If you are interested in joining the group or simply in learning more, please contact the Clerk on


BT has advised their intention to remove the public phone box.  The Parish Council with assistance from Uttlesford District Council are making representations to have the service continue.

A new Noticeboard is due to be installed by the Trustees at the entrance to the Memorial Hall car park.  LEPC has been invited to enjoy the use of some of that weatherproof space for their notices.

Parish Council meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month, this month’s being on Wednesday 30th October, at 7:30pm, in the Memorial Hall, Manor Road.


Jenny and Ken would like to thank all the people who kindly donated their unwanted gifts etc for the stall which was in aid of funds for Little Easton Memorial Hall.  Due to the wonderful weather, £650 was raised over the weekend.


The monthly gathering of parishioners is held on the last Thursday of the month from 7.30pm until late.  Please mention it to your neighbours and friends in the other parishes and invite them along.  The next gathering is on Thursday 31st October.  Glen kindly provides some nibbles to keep everyone sober for the drive or walk home!

The Five Parishes Knit and Natter Club is held at The Stag on alternate Wednesdays of the month.  For more information contact Glen or a member of his staff on 01371 870214.


We could not let Bobby’s passing go without a mention.  Bobby was the horse who had lived in the field opposite the turning to Ravens in Park Road, Little Easton for such a long time.  He belonged to Angela Monk of Great Easton and we know she misses him hugely.


On behalf of all parishioners, we have been asked to place on record the village’s appreciation to those who collect litter regularly as they walk through the village.  Litter is constantly discarded by thoughtless people driving through the village and the message to them is simple: please take your rubbish home and dispose of it appropriately.


The service will be at Butchers Pasture on Thursdays 10th and 31st October, arriving at 9.35am and leaving at 10.05am.


To hire the hall, contact Jenny Green on 01371 870402.  For more details see the hall website at


1pm to 2.15pm

British Lung Foundation Exercise Class


2.30pm to 4pm

Active with Parkinson’s


8pm to 10.15pm

Carpet Bowls

Wednesday (first 3 in every month)

7.30pm to 10pm

Great Dunmow & District Ringcraft Society


10am to 12 noon

Art Club



Dog Training



Tickets are now available for the SongCycle concert on Saturday 16th November. 


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Thursday 31st October 2019 commencing at 7.30pm in Great Easton Village Hall.  All are welcomed.  Minutes of the meetings will be posted on the notice boards in Great Easton, Duton Hill and Tilty and also on the new website

The Green Skip dates are Saturdays 5th October and 19th October between 9 and 10am.

Please continue to Like and Share the Parish Council’s Facebook page.

If you need to contact the Parish Clerk, please email


Temporary Traffic Regulation Order of Brocks Mead, Great Easton

Please click on the following link to find details of the intended closure of Brocks Mead, due to commence on Thursday 24th October 2019 for two days.  The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while Essex County Council undertakes Machine Surfacing 2019/20.


There are still approximately 50 chairs for disposal which are FREE on collection, ideal if you need extra seating for any kind of event in your garden etc.  Please call Audrey Miller on 01371 870927.


Over 2,000 spectators turned out on 31st August to watch the 28 carts tackle Great Easton Hill, with a Harlow fire protection company securing first and second place in the adult race with their carts I Ain’t Driving That (which was last year’s defending champion) and Going Down in Flames.  The team were also victorious in the junior race for 8–16-year-olds, although it was a close win, with only three-tenths of a second between the winners and runners-up from the Centre Algarve charity.

Jeremy Toynbee, organiser, said: “It was a really excellent event and busier than last year.  There was one spectacular crash just before the jump.  The guy was fine, he got up walked away.  There were also a couple of minor crashes that created a few ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’.  However no one was hurt.  The family atmosphere was particularly strong this year and reflected the effort we had put in to provide more diverse stalls and facilities on the recreation ground.  Local band The Big Cheese played two well received sets.”

The final accounts are not ready yet, but indications are that around £6,000 has been raised from the day to be split between the Great Easton Community Association and Centre Algarve, a holiday resort for people with special needs and their family, created by Andy Mahoney, director of 24x7 Ltd taxis and owner of Little Easton Manor, which sponsored the event.

The Soap Box committee have also asked that a special mention be made to thank all the volunteers as well.  Their contribution was immense and really appreciated by everybody involved.  Without them this event could not happen, so thank you.  Editor’s note: We would also add congratulations to all involved on an event well organised and for coping with the clearing up in a short space of time after the event.


Now is the time to put down your name for the Christmas Lunch for the over 65s of Great Easton at the Swan on Thursday 5th December.  Ring Julie Neale on 01371 870481 by Tuesday 5th November to book your place.


The service at The Moat House Residential Care Home on Monday 21st October at 10.30am will be a Harvest Festival. 


This service will be at the Great Easton Village Hall on Fridays 4th and 25th October, arriving at 12.05pm and leaving at 12.35pm.


To hire the hall, contact Audrey Miller on 01371 870927


6.30 to 9.30pm

Dog Training



Sarah McLagan’s Keep Fit
and Circuit Training


9.30 to 11.30am

Five Parishes Toddler Group


9.30 to 12.30pm
1.00 to 4.00pm

Upholstery class and
except for half term weeks



A final reminder about the Tilty Flower Festival which takes place on Saturday/Sunday 5th/6th October.  Tilty Church will be open from 12 noon to 5pm both days, with the usual country market, stalls and games in the Churchyard.  Full details of all that is on offer can be seen in the separate display advertisement.  

Flower Festival Evening Concert

The concert on Saturday evening by Joanna Eden is another aspect of the Festival not to be missed.  The concert will begin at 7.30pm, with an interval for refreshments.  The Headless Monk Bar will be open from 6pm serving pre- and post-concert refreshments together with food from The Friars Tuck Food Stall.  To see if tickets are still available, contact Fiona on 01371 870091 or e-mail


Don’t forget that the Annual General Meeting of the Duton Hill Community Association is on Tuesday 1st October.  The venue is the clubroom of The Three Horseshoes Public House, Duton Hill at 7:15 for 7:30pm.


The magazine team is very grateful to Jan Carter who has responded to our plea for a new distributor in Cherry Street.  She will be popping future issues through letter boxes in that area.



The Angels Are Coming To Broxted

The sixth annual Festival of Angels will be staged on Saturday/Sunday 23rd/24th November in the church.  If you would like to run a stall (with a small donation to church funds), help with refreshments, or have any ideas as to how this magnificent event can be further improved, please do get in touch,  Displays (including angels, of course) will be very welcome from local groups, businesses and families.  So go on, get creative and amaze us all with your artistry.


Planning application for caravan site at Brick End

The Council would like to thank the many people who lodged comments and objections against this planning application.  The Parish Council lodged a detailed objection, based on expert advice, and support from residents of Broxted and other areas in the Five Parishes and beyond is very much appreciated.  The deadline for submitting objections was 17th September.

As you will have seen from the leaflet enclosed with last month’s magazine, the application is for two residential caravan pitches, two pitches for touring caravans, and stables and outbuildings.  These facilities are applied for on the basis that there is a need for them to support the gypsy lifestyle in the local area. 

Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is planned for Thursday 10th October at 8pm in the Village Hall.  Notice and the agenda will appear on the Parish Council website in early October. 

Vacancy for a Parish Councillor

There are six Councillors and the full complement is seven.  If you’re interested in local events and the community, do get in touch to discuss what is involved.  Contact the clerk to the Council, Kate Rixson, on 01371 870711 or


Village Coffee Morning

The regular Coffee Morning this month is on Wednesday 16th October in the Village Hall from 10am until noon.  This is the place to be to meet friends old and new and enjoy a good natter and delicious cake.


The Quizzes this month are on Thursday 3rd October and Thursday 17th October.  As usual, the quiz is at 8.15 for an 8.30pm start.  This evening is always very popular so if you are planning to eat before the quiz it is best to book a table.  Call Karen or Terry on 01279 850256. 


Much has been done in recent weeks to brighten up Brick End.  The signpost has been repainted and a few residents, supported by the Parish Council, have tidied up the verges, installed planters and flowers to really make this part of the village welcoming.  It is extremely disappointing, then, that within a few days one of the planters was stolen and recently another has been trashed by being driven over.  One wonders what kind of people get pleasure from destroying the good work of others.  We are grateful to those involved that repairs have been made and once again Brick End is looking good.


New to the village, and paying too much for your heating oil?  Did you know that Broxted, in conjunction with the Rural Community Council of Essex, runs a bulk oil buying scheme?  The more members the better as it means bulk ordering can reduce the cost that you pay for your oil.  A recent delivery cost just 46.27p a litre (plus 5% VAT).  The scheme is easy to join and saves you having to contact lots of oil companies to get the best price each time you need a top up.  For more details contact the local co-ordinator, Sarah Cousins, on 01279 850887.


This service will be at the Prince of Wales on Thursdays 10th and 31st October, arriving at 10.35am and leaving at 11.05am.


To hire the hall, contact 01279 850638



Pilates Class



The Wednesday Walk

Third Wednesday

10am to 12pm

Village Coffee Morning


On Tuesday 8th October Revd Neil Broadbent’s talk All Souls and All Saints will be about the work of the Sozein Trust.  Neil is an Anglican priest and director of Sozein, a Churches’ Ministry of Healing Trust.  He has many years’ experience in the cure of souls and has worked with many psychiatrists around the country.  Quiet Days start at 9.45am with coffee and conclude at 3.30pm for a 4pm departure.  The cost of £25 includes the costs of the speaker, sandwich and fruit lunch, coffee and tea.  Bookings and queries to Rosemary Drew, 01371 872662, e-mail


The tradition of village signs is believed to have started around 100 years ago on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.  The idea has spread and is particularly popular in the Hundred Parishes.  Around two-thirds of the parishes have a welcoming sign, the design of which often shows great imagination and artistic skill to depict aspects of life or history important to that parish.  They often provide much scope for photographers and artists.

The installation of a village sign has often been prompted by a significant event or anniversary. The Queen’s Silver Jubilee inspired the erection of Stansted Mountfitchet’s knight signs at either end of the village in 1977.  The 800th anniversary of Magna Carta inspired the installation in Little Dunmow in 2015.

Some parishes have more than one sign: for example, Much Hadham has its own plus others in the hamlets of Perry Green and Green Tye.  Some signs, such as Finchingfield, have different images on front and back.  Most are at the entrance to the village or in a prominent place, whilst a few are located differently, for example in Broxted and Thaxted.

Ken McDonald, secretary to The Hundred Parishes Society, would be interested to hear of any signs older than those in Stansted Mountfitchet or newer than the one erected in Albury in May 2019.