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Five Parishes magazineThis magazine is published monthly and is distributed free to every household in the Five Parishes.
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The latest edition of The Five Parishes Magazine contains the following editorial content.  For various reasons we are unable to publish the names, telephone numbers etc of private individuals.  However if you require further information about any of the events mentioned, the Editor, Angela, will be happy to help you.  Contributions for the Magazine should reach her by latest 10th of the month prior to month of publication.


Priest-in-Charge: Revd Tim Goodbody writes from The Vicarage, 7 Ruffels Place, Stebbing, CM6 3TJ
Telephone 01371 856080 /
07708 660162 Email
Curate: Revd Janet Parker

JUNE 2018

This month instead of Revd Tim’s normal letter, we are featuring his address from the chair at the 2018 Pilgrim Parishes combined Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) held in the Millennium Hall at Great Saling on the 27th April.  Next year it is hoped that the meeting will be held in the Five Parishes.

What if we all stopped tomorrow?  What if all the wardens, secretaries, treasurers and ministers just downed tools tomorrow and walked away?  What if the musicians, sidespeople, magazine editors and coffee makers just gave up?

Where would the church be?  Not in a very happy place, that’s for sure, but still in place.  If you’re anything like me you’ll have days when you do feel like packing it all in – when there’s one too many leaks in the roof or no shows at the meeting or a demanding e-mail from the diocese or bad news from the architect, we all have that thought of just dropping it and moving on.

By the grace of God, we don’t though, do we?  If you did, you wouldn’t be here now.  By the grace of God and through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, we keep going on this pilgrimage, encouraged and supported by one another on the way.

So, first off, thank you; thank you for what you do, what you have achieved and what you will achieve for the sake of the Kingdom of God in these villages.  2017 was a year of getting used to new circumstances, following the formation of the Pilgrim Parishes late in 2016.  2018 will be a year of further adjustments, as we get to know each other better – which is the main point of tonight – and as we plan for the future shape of ministry here.

We are very blessed at the moment to have such a large ministry team – and it is still growing; in October Kate Green will be licensed as an LLM (licensed lay minister).  It is so encouraging to think that since the turn of the Millennium, every parish in the Pilgrim Parishes has produced at least one minister, the majority of whom are still ministering to us here today.

But the other reason for my shock tactics at the beginning of this address is that the ministry team in the future may not be so well stocked.  After another three years, Sue can leave at the end of her curacy, and there is no guarantee of a replacement for her; Canon John Sibson has given me three years’ warning that he will eventually step back from ministry in the Five Parishes.

Without wishing to be rude, everyone else except me and Kate and Paul are either approaching or beyond retirement age.  They cannot go on forever, nor for that matter can those of you who are of the same vintage.

So, a challenge I set out for us all tonight is to repeat our feat of getting at least one vocation to ministry from every one of the Pilgrim Parishes.  Except this time, we probably ought to aim to do it in five years to ensure continuity of ministry at anything like the level we are used to.

Now, in case you think I simply want us all to be ordained, remember that there are a number of other licensed and authorised ministries which can enable folk to serve their local church in worship leading, pastoral care, evangelism, teaching and even (apparently soon) administration.  And in case you think we’re starting from scratch, do not worry; when you think about it we can all call to mind folk in our congregations who may already be doing some of the things I’ve mentioned, and if you don’t know who they are, believe me, I do.  We are so blessed here in the Pilgrim Parishes, not only because we have a large and talented team of ministers but also because we have a large and talented team of folk in our congregations and beyond them, without whom this family of churches would grind to a halt.

So, that is one aspect of the Vision I am presenting to you this evening.  The other part is related to the future of the ministry team as well, but it relates to the Sunday rota.  There are so many reasons why I am grateful for the provision of our Administrator Caroline Wildgoose; the fact that she does the rota is number one.  In this I am also grateful to my wife Ruth, who has been working very hard alongside Caroline in recent months, actually preparing two rotas; one is the one you have already seen.  The other is what we have been calling the ghost or shadow rota, which takes a different form.  Now, before I go into lots of detail, please allow me to explain the reasoning behind this new rota.

The first thing I need to say follows on from what I mentioned about the current ministry team.  We are numerous, it is true, and I accept that for many of you it has been a bit of a struggle getting used to a greater variety of people leading and preaching in church.  As I’ve mentioned, we can’t go on as we are indefinitely, so I want to reinforce that challenge, to find and enable vocations to local ministry among us.  That’s a medium to long term fix.  In the short term, we all need to remember that I am the only full time full stipend minister.  Sue, you will recall, is half time, with half a stipend.  Everyone else does it for love, and in obedience – to God, not to me.  I am not a CEO who can deploy staff all the time just as he wishes, because the massive majority of ministry team and church leadership – that’s you, PCCs – are volunteers.  So I asked Ruth and Caroline to prepare a rota which, as near as possible, could be fulfilled by one priest, with lay ministers.

The second thing I want to say relates to the kind of worship service we have in the Pilgrim Parishes.  Among a number of issues that have arisen since September 2016 is the fact that with the amalgamation of two rotas, the distribution of different kinds of service across the parishes has got a bit out of kilter.  What I mean is, for example, some weeks there are lots of communion services, other weeks hardly any.  Some places have lots of one type of service, others have hardly any.  I could be talking here about Prayer Book, Common Worship or informal worship, it applies across the board.  So, the second part of the task for Ruth and Caroline was, with minimal disruption to the current pattern, to write a rota in which on any given Sunday, within the Pilgrim Parishes, across the main morning services, there would be at least one CWHC, one BCPHC, one formal Morning Prayer and one Informal worship.

In achieving this they have not only spread the communions more evenly, but they have also made it possible for folk to choose how they worship.  Many of you, I know, are content to go to your local church service, regardless of what form it takes.  That is great, and I welcome the continuation of that pattern.  Other folk might prefer to travel to a different church, if it meant they could worship in a style or format which they find most helpful – again, this applies to CW, BCP and so on.  Because that sounds a bit scary, let me reiterate that it will be with minimal disruption to the current pattern – a pattern, at least in the eastern half of the parishes, which has been in place for at least a decade.

Briefly, and without dazzling you with PowerPoint because we have some socialising to do in a few minutes, the essential changes are the introduction of a monthly Family Service at Lindsell, a slight change in the alternating order of worship in the Salings, the introduction of more BCP in the Salings, and a shift to two Evensongs in the Five Parishes, with a greater degree of flexibility about what happens at 11am.  There is a forward planning meeting for staff wardens and leadership teams on Ascension day, when we can go into further detail.  We can send you the ghost rota in advance.

One last thing to say about this.  Common Worship is 20 years old next Advent, which means the services we prepared back then for our two separate church families are getting a bit dog eared, both physically and culturally, so I hereby set myself, and my colleagues, a goal – by this time next year, we will have a new set of worship booklets, branded as Pilgrim Parishes, and reflecting both the diversity of worship I have been mentioning, and also the growing unity in this family of Churches.

Thank you, let us pray.




The Salings (GS: Great and LS: Little)


3rd June 1st after Trinity

9.30am Holy Communion

11am Morning Prayer @ GS

11am Morning Prayer

10th June 2nd after Trinity

9.30am Morning Prayer

11am Morning Prayer @ LS

11am Holy Communion with Kids Connect (KC)

17th June 3rd after Trinity

9.30am Holy Communion

11am Holy Communion @ GS

8am BCP Holy Communion
11am Informal with KC

24th June 4th after Trinity7

9.30am Morning Prayer

9.30am Holy Communion @ LS

11am Holy Communion with KC



Photos Needed for SSE’s 2019 Community Calendar

Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) is hoping to produce a Community Calendar for 2019 but they need your help.  This much loved calendar illustrates the beauty, diversity and heritage of the area which would be threatened by proposals to expand Stansted Airport.

They need photographs: These are donated to SSE for no fee but the chosen photographers do receive a complimentary copy of the calendar.  Please bear this in mind when taking photographs in the coming weeks or, alternatively, you may already have potential images in your files.

Please keep an eye out for interesting features such as landscapes, buildings, nature, people at work, and people at leisure and community events ideally within 10 miles of the airport.  Photos covering 12 months are required and SSE are often short of good images taken south of the airport.  The landscape images inside the calendar are 29.6cm wide by 21.5cm high, a width to height ratio of around 1.38.  They also need good portrait shape images for the cover.  Please send your images to Peter Riding via as .jpg files giving details of where and approximately when they were taken.  The deadline is the end of June but, where possible, please send in your images by 25th June so that SSE can start making an initial selection.

More volunteers are required to sell the calendar. If you are able to help, please contact Sarah via who will be happy to give you more information, help and advice.  Calendars are usually available by the beginning of September.



The Five Parishes APCM was held together with those of the other family of churches making up the Pilgrim Parishes on the 27th April in the Millennium Hall, Great Saling.  The address of Revd Tim as chairman is given in place of his normal letter.  There is no change in churchwardens and for the moment other PCC officers, except that Angela Harbottle is now PCC lay vice chair.  After the formal part of the evening, an enjoyable time was spent over refreshments just chatting and getting to know our colleagues from the rest of the Pilgrim Parishes.


Book of Common Prayer Evensong

A BCP Evensong will take place at 6pm on Sunday 10th June for the Eve of St Barnabas at All Saints Church, High Roding, CM6 1PA.  The joint choirs of the Deanery will be singing.  For more information contact Cilla Hawkes on 01371 856480.

Monthly Walks

The Six Parishes walk on Saturday 16th June will be hosted by St Mary’s Church, Aythorpe Roding, postcode CM6 1RZ, G/R 584 153.  Please meet at the church for a circular walk, parking is available in front of the church and along the verge.  It’s one of their ‘churches in a field’ and is away from the main part of the village but is signposted from the B184, turning at the Axe and Compass pub.  The contact is e-mail telephone 01245 231798. As always the walk will start at 9am, light refreshments will be available after the walk and a short prayer said for the church.  Dogs on leads are welcome.  Footwear for walking across open countryside should be worn.

The Five Parishes walk on Saturday 21st July will be hosted by St Mary’s Church, Tilty.  Full details will be given next month.


Warwick Newbury writes:  Countess of Warwick Show – now just 3 months away on Sunday/Bank Holiday Monday 26th/27 August.

As advised last month the GOOD NEWS is that the Show goes on!

The Show Committee has now enjoyed our first meeting in the splendid dining room of the Manor with the new owner, Andy, together with Mel and Ash who are all as excited about the Show as we are and indeed have already come up with several new ideas as well as their support.

All we now need is your help.  Please let me know if you are able to support us as we are still in need of more able-bodied volunteers before the Show to help with the setting up and on the Tuesday after the Show to clear up.  Also more volunteers are needed to fill one of our many car parking slots for an hour or two on either the Sunday or the Monday.

Please get in touch with me now by telephone or by email to find out more or to register your willingness to help.   My contact details are on the inside cover of this magazine.

Thank you, Warwick Newbury

Bottle Stall

This stall at the Show is operated on behalf of the Five Parishes and all its proceeds go towards show funds.  It is hoped that this year with your donations even more bottles will be received, any kind: spirits, wine, beers (including homemade brews), honey, jam, chutney, pickles, toiletries etc.  With very many thanks in anticipation of your help with this request. 

Details of the bottle drop off points in all the villages are:

Broxted: Roger and Phyllis Clark, Chitlands, Browns End Road, CM6 2BE, 01279 850638

Little Easton (Park Road area): Andrew Connel, Little Easton Lodge, CM6 2BB, 01371 872185

Little Easton (Mill End, village); Victoria Saunders, Easton Spring CM6 2JB, 01371 879950 and Victoria Newbury, Elmbridge Barn, CM6 2HZ, 01371 872143

Duton Hill: The Three Horseshoes, CM6 2DX, 01371 870681

Great Easton: Doreen and Alan Hart, Merrifield, The Endway, CM6 2HQ, 01371 870830


The 21st Annual General Meeting was held on the 10th May at Tilty Church by kind permission of the churchwardens.  The treasurer reported that financially the trust is in a very healthy condition and he was pleased that the 50% Club had a membership of 120 in his first year as promoter.  Elections for members of the Executive Committee returned an unchanged group, with the exception of the retirement of Keith who has been much missed during the last year.


Unlucky for some but cork No. 13 was lucky for Joan Francis, winner of the April draw.  She says she has never won before so it just goes to show “you’ve got to be in it to win it”.


From the Committee: The next meeting of The Eastons & Tilty W.I. will be on Thursday 14th June in Great Easton Village Hall.  Our speaker will be Jacqueline Tevlin whose subject is Joyce Grenfell and we look forward to seeing you all at the usual time of 2.15pm for 2.30pm.  For further information please contact in the first instance the Editor on 01371 876707.


A repeat of the Open Gardens Day first held two years ago will be on Sunday 8th July. A Treasure Hunt will take place on Sunday 15th July and the fantastic Soapbox Race will take place for the third year running on Saturday 1st September 2018.  Details are given in Great Easton News.


Jill Goldsmith writes: What a difference a year makes: at this time, last year, we were keeping our fingers crossed for rain, to green up the new grass in the Walled Garden, and for the successful building of the treehouse!

This month the Open Day is on Sunday 24th June.  The Gardens should be looking beautiful as we celebrate the nature that we cherish alongside the formal planting.  There are many areas where wild flowers already thrive and we are introducing a new grass cutting regime this year to help the wild flowers set seed and multiply.  This year the snowdrops were gorgeous, as usual, and we have had more cowslips than previously and banks of bluebells, particularly down at the end of the Glade.

By June, the viewing platform should give fine views of waterlilies on the fishing lake.  We will have bug hunting for children as well as a nature trail and craft activities.  We will be joined by Uttlesford Beekeepers, the RSPB, plant and craft stalls, including willow-weaving.  And local musician, Keef Jackman, will play his ukelele blues and other self-penned songs.  

The Gardens will be open from 11.30am to 5pm, last entry 4pm.  Of course no Open Day would be complete without our locally renowned bacon rolls and homemade cakes.  For more details and the latest news, go to website at or find us on Facebook.  


Kemi Badenoch MP continues to hold regular street surgeries in town centres and markets, dates being published on  If you have an urgent issue and wish to book a private surgery appointment, please phone her office on 020 7219 1943.


The Club meets at the United Reformed Church, Bolford Street, CM6 2PY at 7.30pm.  At the meeting on Tuesday 5th June Morag Bennett’s demonstration will follow the theme For Home and Away.  Easy parking and disabled access to the meeting room.  Visitors £5.


Monday 25th June is the date of the Club’s visit to Ashdon Hall.  Details of the visit were firmed up at the May meeting.  The Club meets in The Day Centre, access via Margaret Street car park, at 7.15pm.  Cost £3 per person, raffle £1 per ticket. 


Commencing on Friday 22nd June, the Festival runs until Sunday 15th July in Thaxted church.  Performers include Brandenburg Sinfonia; Armonica Consort with the choir of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge; Freddy Kempf; The Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Orchestra; Christopher Weston and Friends and many more.  See their website for full details or pick up a leaflet from one of the many outlets in the area.

New for 2018 is a special price offer for those aged 30 and under.  A limited number of best-available seats are offered at £12 each.  Evidence of eligibility will be required when attending events with these tickets.  All seats are bookable on website giving seat selection and print at home options for tickets or at the Thaxted Festival Office, 10 Watling Street, Thaxted, CM6 2PE.


After a 3-year absence, the Henham 10k and 3k fun run returns on Sunday 24th June at 10.30am.  Generous local sponsorship has allowed the organising committee to keep the cost of entry to a competitive level.  Entries cost £15 for adults, £7 for under 16s and a family ticket special of £30 (for up to 2 adults and 3 children) providing a potential saving of £21.  There will be a licensed bar and a barbecue.  Enter online at and search for Henham.


Green Matters is a new charity that’s been set up to help vulnerable, elderly and disabled residents in Uttlesford who have lost control of their gardens.  With the help of volunteers, the team will visit local gardens and fully or partially restore them, with the aim of improving residents’ health and wellbeing.  This is a free service.

Most people love their garden so imagine how you would feel if through ill health, age or bereavement you could no longer cope with yours.  It takes just a short time for a garden to become unmanageable.  Green Matters aim to tame your garden with help from local volunteers – and volunteers are needed.   Training is offered so please come and help learn new gardening skills, brush up on old ones and at the same time make someone’s life a little bit better.  Or maybe you know someone who would benefit from the service that we provide. 

To find out more about either volunteering or making a referral, call CVSU (The Council for Voluntary Services Uttlesford) on 01371 878400 or email The project co-ordinator Mark Ropkins will be glad to hear from you.

Check out the other services that CVSU provide.  They run some amazing projects like the community builder scheme, community sheds and sheds inside. 


On 25th April, U3A members enjoyed a talk by Nick R Thomas who is a freelance comedy writer for the BBC, writing for a range of comedians and radio and television programmes.  He explained how so much of what is written is discarded on the whims of producers and performers; but it is what he has always enjoyed doing, and it is so rewarding when one’s work is actually broadcast.  He regaled his audience with a range of amusing anecdotes and kept them laughing. 

Prior to this there was a short information talk about Mah Jong and during the refreshment interval members of the group gave a demonstration of how the game is played.

At the next general meeting on Wednesday 27th June Jane Pearson will be talking about hospitals before the NHS.  General meetings are always on the last Wednesday of the month at E T Foakes Hall at 2pm and newcomers are always welcome.


The Braintree Foodbank has an urgent requirement for these items:  tea bags (40s only please); coffee (small jars); cereal bars; cereal; tinned cold meats; tinned tomatoes; tinned sponge puddings; tinned rice puddings; custard; cartons of fruit juice; instant mash; tinned vegetables; chocolate bars KitKat/Penguin etc; toilet rolls; long-life bags.  Pet food is also requested by some clients.  They have an abundance of baked beans, pasta, chocolate spread, peanut butter and toiletries, so please, no more at the moment.  They will let us know when they need them again.

Braintree Area Foodbank Ltd are grateful for your donations.  However, please note that they can only accept donations of freshly-bought, unopened and undamaged goods which are still well within their “use by” date (no less than six months).  They cannot use items which do not meet these requirements, and the donation is wasted. 


Over three hundred supporters joined the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity for their very first Rural Ramble at The Forgotten Gardens of Easton Lodge on 14th April, raising over £4,000 for the charity!  The weather was on their side with beautiful blue skies and light winds, while visitors had the unique opportunity to enjoy a scenic walk around the surrounding countryside and The Gardens.

The Helen Rollason Cancer Charity is dedicated to championing quality of life for everyone living with or affected by cancer through the provision of free access support centres, complementary therapies, information and advice and supporting clinical trials.  For more information visit or call 01245 380719.


The recipe this month has kindly been sent in by Susan Smith, on behalf of her mother, Peggy Knowles of Broxted, who said that she was given this simple cake recipe 'years ago' by a man who used to attend Broxted Church.

Yogurt Cake
1 125g pot yogurt (any flavour), 1 pot corn oil (or other oil of mild flavour), 1 pot or more sugar (according to taste), 3 pots self raising flour, 2 eggs

Put the yogurt into a mixing bowl and then use the yogurt pot to measure the other ingredients.  Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.  Place the mixture in a lined 18cm/7inch tin.  Bake for 30 minutes at 180°C/ Gas Mark 4, then check progress and adjust oven as required.  Cover the top if it is browning too quickly.  The cake may take up to another 20 minutes.

If you have a favourite recipe, seasonal or otherwise, which you would like to share, please send it to Gill Willoughby at


Life at Great Easton Primary continues to whizz past.  Spring seems to have been on a super fast-forward with the trees bursting with life at the first sign of sunshine and the same has happened with the children!  They are enjoying playing on the field, bringing their bicycles and scooters in to play with at lunchtime, the chickens are back in school and we are all enjoying their eggs, the pond is full of newts and we’ve had a great time pond dipping and seeing how many we could catch.  The gardening club have sown their summer crops and have even replanted some of the beans and peas into larger beds.

It’s hard to believe that our Reception children have nearly completed their first year at school.  It has been a successful one for all of them; forging friendships which will stay with them for years, learning to read and write, becoming independent diners at lunchtime and, of course, having lots of fun along the way.

Year 6 children have worked extremely hard to prepare for their SATs and are looking forward to being able to prepare for their residential visit to the Isle of Wight.  We will be sharing our coach and hotel with Great Bardfield Primary School as they only have 6 children in their Year 6 cohort, so they would be unable to go on a trip this year if they didn’t join forces with another school.  We are hoping that the weather will be really warm so we can enjoy morning runs on the promenade and long evenings on the beach.  We will look forward to updating you with our tales of this adventure next month…until then, enjoy the sunshine!

Holly Miles,

Year 1 & 2 Teacher/Assistant Headteacher



A note for your diary: there will be a Harvest Supper at Little Easton on Saturday 22nd September.  More information nearer the time!


The Clerk writes: Everyone attending the recent Annual Parish Assembly enjoyed a fascinating presentation from the quarry manager of SRC Aggregates, complete with mineral samples dating back millions of years, one containing the remains of a fossilised ammonite.  A recent quarry visit by 6th form students was such a success that the people at SRC would like to repeat the exercise and extend the benefit of such a visit to pupils of 10 years and above.  We big kids do not miss out either as adult groups are likewise offered the opportunity to visit the quarry by making contact with the local quarry office.  All such visits are strictly by prior appointment only.

On a separate note, the internal audit went well, we now await the outcome of the external auditor’s report.


An Urgent Plea to All Book Lovers/Readers

Parish Correspondent writes: In recent months only two members of our community have used the mobile library.  Consequently there is a strong possibility that the service will be withdrawn from Little Easton.  So this is a call to readers of all ages to take advantage of the service.  In short, the message is clear, please tell your relatives and friends: “Use it or we will lose it”.

Date of June Visit

The service will be at Butchers Pasture on Thursday 21st June, arriving at 9.35am and leaving at 10.05am.


To hire the hall, contact Jenny Green on 01371 870402. For more details see the hall website at


8.00pm to 10.15pm

Carpet Bowls


10am to 12noon

Art Club



Dog Training


GOOD LUCK IN YOUR NEW HOME:  As many of our readers know, following extensive modifications by a well-known local builder, Jayne and Dominic Paul have moved from Manor Road into their new home at Wedgwood situated near the memorial.  They are now living in the house of Jayne’s grandparents, of which she is very proud and she knows they would be too.

WITH BEST WISHES:  We were sorry to learn that Gemma O’Donnell broke her wrist as a result of a fall in her garden recently.  We send her every good wish for a speedy recovery.



Pilgrim’s Progress – A Tale of 9 Churches

On Sunday 15th July you are invited to join an afternoon’s drive to discover the historical life of these 9 churches, at the same time finding answers to clues.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the churches of the Pilgrim Parishes and to explore the wonderful heritage of north west Essex as you travel through beautiful countryside. 

Starting from Great Easton church at 2pm, you will receive your instructions and clues.  You will then visit the churches of Little Easton, Broxted, Chickney, Tilty, Lindsell, Bardfield Saling (known to most church folk as Little Saling) Great Saling, Stebbing and return to Great Easton church.  At the finish there will be a summer BBQ with free soft drinks and prizes will be given.

Bring your car and passengers and £10 per person (children 16 and under are free) and enough fuel to cover approximately 30 miles.  To book contact Ron Gilder on 01371 873842 or e-mail him at by Sunday 8th July.


The Parish Clerk writes: The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Thursday 28th June commencing at 7.30pm in Great Easton Village Hall.  All are welcome.  Minutes of the meetings will be posted on the notice boards in Great Easton, Duton Hill and Tilty and also on the new website.


After a year’s break, on Sunday 8th July Great Easton village is once again the scene of a number of gardens open to the general public in aid of the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance and the Great Easton Community Association funds.  It is hoped to attract crowds of eager visitors to have a look around approximately 19 gardens whilst also quaffing tea and coffee and plenty of homemade cakes etc.  Gardens range from the formal to family to English country gardens in this very beautiful part of Essex.  Many gardens enjoy stunning views at their rear as the village is situated in an elevated position.  Mostly these remain out of sight except to friends and family but the Open Day will allow public access to these enjoyable amateur private patches.

Parking is in the meadow behind the village hall.  Once parked, all of the gardens can be walked to through the centre of the village and into a side road.  Well behaved dogs are welcome on leads and there is a riverside walk at the far end of the village.  Great Easton is on the B184 two miles north west of Great Dunmow extending eastwards from the Chelmer valley, surrounded by cultivated arable land and pre-dates 1119.  The valley is in an area of special landscape value.

The start of the gardens is near a Norman church (parts of which date from the 12th century) and they continue down the village which has many listed buildings, trees, and archaeological features in a designated conservation area.  At the furthest end is the river Chelmer in its early stages before it makes its way through the rest of Essex.

So please come on 8th July 2018 from 11am until 5pm for an informative, fun and rewarding day out.


The fantastic Soapbox Race will take place in Great Easton for the third year running on Saturday 1st September 2018. 

To join the commemorations for the end of the First World War, this year’s theme will be All Things Military.  Up to 40 carts made from recycled materials will compete for prizes, for ‘fastest’ and ‘best design’.  There will be entertainment during and after the race at the Recreation Ground, with stalls, traditional side shows, BBQ and bar.

The event starts at 11am with scrutineering and viewing of the carts.  The race will take place between 12noon and approximately 3pm, and entertainment will continue after the race until 6pm.

A temporary road closure will be in place from 11am until the completion of the race from west of Rebecca Mead to the river, with parking for visitors and temporary parking for residents located behind the village hall.

If you’re interested in taking part in the race, there are three age groups, and further details and application forms are available at The Swan, via Facebook., and by email at

Volunteers are also required, and should you be able to lend a hand with marshalling, the heavy squad to move bales, side-shows, the bar, car-parking, etc. please do let the organisers know via Facebook or e-mail.  They would also love to hear from any potential local stall holders who would like a pitch.  Proceeds from the event will go towards the village community funds and a local charity.


First chance to see inside the new cottages at Moat Park

The last tile has been laid at Meadow View, our development of nine luxury cottages in the grounds of Great Easton retirement village, Moat Park.  A ‘topping out’ ceremony was held on the 2nd May with Jim Doherty, Head of Production at Retirement Villages Group Ltd and Nick Henderson, Managing Director at Trendgrey Construction Ltd, symbolically marking the completion of the project.

An exclusive preview event on Friday 25th May offered anyone interested in purchasing at the village the perfect opportunity to come and see inside our ‘view home’.  Over 40% of properties have already sold off plan, so we hope anyone thinking of buying came along to the open day to see the development for themselves and experience village life and to obtain information on specific plot details, specifications and completion dates.  Viewings are strictly by appointment only.  Please call 01372 383950 to arrange an appointment.

For more information about Moat Park retirement village, please contact Kerri Brill by telephone on 01371 870192 or by e-mail:


This month’s service at The Moat House Residential Care Home will be on Monday 25th June.

MOBILE LIBRARY This service will be at the Great Easton Village Hall on Friday 15th June, arriving at 12.05pm and leaving at 12.35pm.


To hire the hall, contact Audrey Miller on 01371 870927


6.30 to 9.30pm

Dog Training


6.15pm & 7.30pm

Sarah McLagan’s Keep Fit and Circuit Training


10am to 12 noon

Five Parishes Toddler Group

Thursday (except last in month)


Modern Jive dance class
West Coast Swing dance class


9.30 to 12.30pm

Upholstery class and
except for half term weeks



2018 Annual Spring Lunch

The Annual Tilty Spring Lunch held in Great Easton Village Hall was well attended and the sun shone to make it a special spring day. 

Friends met and had convivial conversation over a welcome drink before sitting down and enjoying lunch prepared by Fran and Gill and then onto the amazing array of tempting homemade desserts made by the committee members and friends, then finishing with cheese, biscuits and coffee.  Thank you to all who donated these ‘special’ desserts and also the many raffle prizes that adorned the table.

The afternoon continued with Brian Miller hosting the quiz How well do you know Essex?  Thanks go to Gill Willoughby for preparing this interesting quiz, so many obscure facts about Essex.  Everyone learnt something new, congratulations to the two winning tables who had 19 correct answers out of 20.

A ‘special’ spring day, everyone went home fully nourished with no need for any more food that day.  £830 was raised towards keeping our special Tilty Church open.  Many thanks to all who helped and attended.


The May bank holiday Funday was a roaring success in blistering sunshine.  Organised by SSE and SEP, the day started with an extremely impressive parade and dance routines performed by the Dunmow Majorettes with some new members in their very first time public performance whilst other more experienced members performed their own choreographed dance routines.  The parade was escorted by a vintage Rolls Royce driven by Chris, a local classic car collector.

Thank you to all of the following stall holders: Rob’s BBQ, Jim and June’s Jams, The Badger Society, Ian and Irene’s plants, Maggie, Jackie and Caroline’s tea and cakes, Felicity’s fantastic face painting, Claire’s games with beat the goalie, Karen’s singing/art collection display and Alan’s dog tunnel exercise.  The organisers are looking forward to seeing you all next year.


Following the move of Ann Young, a new distributor is required to deliver copies of The Five Parishes Magazine each month to residents in Cherry Street – 15 houses in all.  The editor will deliver the June issue once again and then for a short time copies will be left at The Three Horseshoes for collection.  However, regrettably after that copies will no longer be available for that area.



At the Annual Meeting of the Council held on 10th May, Roger Clark was re-elected Chairman for 2018/2019.

The next meeting of the Council will be on Thursday 14th June in the Village Hall at 8pm.     The agenda and minutes of all meetings are posted on the village notice boards, and can be found on the Council’s web-site at, where you can also find all the other information that the Council is obliged to publish. 


Annual General Meeting

At the AGM on 25th April the following officers were elected.  Chairman – Roger Clark, Secretary – Rachel Kesterton, Treasurer – Sarah Cousins.

Village Coffee Mornings

The next Coffee Morning is on Wednesday 20th June in the Village Hall from 10am to noon.   Everybody is welcome, so do come along for coffee, cake and chat!

Crockery Smashing Stall

As is well known, the principal fundraiser for the Association is its crockery smashing stall which is taken to a number of events during the year.  Its first outing this year was to the Matching Tye Fete in aid of St Clare Hospice on May Day Bank Holiday Monday.  It was a very hot day but there were a large number of people there and the stall was busy all afternoon.  The sum of £214 was raised for the funds, but it was very tiring work.  The next outing is to Elsenham Fete on Saturday 9th June and a little extra help really would be appreciated.  If you could spare an hour or two to help raise funds for your Community Association, please give Roger Clark a ring on 01279 850638.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Community Association is on Wednesday 20th June at 8pm in the Prince of Wales.  All villagers are automatically members of the Association so, if you have any fresh ideas as to what the Association could be planning, please do come along and share them.


The quizzes this month are on Thursday 7th and Thursday 21st June.  You don’t need to book a team, just come along and enjoy the fun.   If you are planning to eat that evening it is best to book a table.  Call Karen or Terry on 01279 850256. 


This service will be at the Prince of Wales on Thursday 21st June arriving at 10.35am and leaving at 11.05am.


To hire the hall, contact 01279 850445



Pilates Class



The Wednesday Walk

Third Wednesday

10am to 12pm

Village Coffee Morning


On Tuesday 12th June the Revd Neil Broadbent will speak about the Revd William Law, one of the greatest mystics this country has produced.  An Anglican priest, Neil is a director of Sozein, a Churches’ Ministry of Healing Trust.  Mysticism is a special interest to him and he is an authority on William Law.  Quiet Days start at 9.45am with coffee and conclude at 3.30pm for a 4pm departure and cost £20 to include the costs of the speaker, sandwich and fruit lunch, coffee and tea.  Bookings and queries to Rosemary Drew, 01371 872662 e-mail


Tthe Hundred Parishes has more than 6,000 ancient “listed” buildings, meaning that they have been formally identified as an important part of our national heritage so that they can be protected by law.  6,000 listings represents more than 10% of all buildings within the Hundred Parishes, whilst nationally only about 2% are listed. Furthermore, half of our listed buildings date from the year 1700 AD or earlier.  Over 100 buildings within the Hundred Parishes have the highest category of listing – Grade I – and of these more than half are parish churches, constructed and reconstructed over the last thousand years.

Details of all listed buildings can easily be found on The fact that a building is listed gives it some degree of protection – owners generally being conscious that they are just today’s custodian within a long line of custodians.