The United Parish of Broxted with Chickney, Tilty, Great Easton and Little Easton

PCC Charity Registration Number: 1131525

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To everyone involved with The Five Parishes your trust is important and we are committed to safeguarding your personal data.

There are some changes in data protection law that come into play on 25th May 2018. These represent a positive step forward that increases your existing rights to data privacy and security, as well as improving the protection of your personal information, which we take seriously. Our Privacy Policy was approved at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in April. It reflects these positive changes, including how we collect, store and handle your personal data. We also outline how you can contact us to exercise your rights.

If you would like to find out more, take a look at our Privacy Policy on this website.

Priest in Charge

Revd Sue Hurley Email


Emma Nicholls Telephone 01371 606110

Lay Vice Chair

Warwick Newbury


Contact The Administrator Emma Nicholls – details above.


To see who can get married at Broxted, Tilty, Great Easton and Little Easton churches, read “Who can get married in the Five Parishes” (Word doc). To enquire about getting married in The Five Parishes please contact The Administrator Emma Nicholls – details above.


Enquiries to be made in the first instance to the Funeral Directors who will then liaise with the Parish Priest.

For information relatives and friends need to know about burials in The Five Parishes Churchyards please read The Diocese Churchyard Handbook.

View more information on wedding, baptisms and funerals at the Church of England website.

Five Parishes Magazine

Joint Editors: Rachel & Roddy Kesterton, Spicers, Brick End, Broxted, CM6 2BL tel: 01279 850047; mob: 07787 510640; email:
Advertisement Sales: Angela Harbottle, 8 St Edmund’s Croft, Dunmow, CM6 3AZ tel: 01371 876707; email:

The Pilgrim Post

To receive the Pilgrim Post and regular church updates please contact The Administrator Emma Nicholls – details above.


Broxted: Terry Reed 07973 846195 | Email

Great Easton: Ron Gilder 01371 873842 | Email
Little Easton: Alison Armitage 01371 878240 | Email

/ Carl Mitchell 01371 870120 | Email

Tilty: Fiona Down 01371 532402 / 07711 761879Email

Parish Councils

Broxted Parish Council  – see website

Great Easton and Tilty Parish Council – see website

Little Easton Parish Council – see website.

Village Halls

Broxted Village Hall  – contact Parish Council

Great Easton Village Hall – contact Parish Council

Little Easton Village Hall – see website.

Baptism, Marriage and Burial records

For those wishing to trace family records we only hold registers for those listed below.

Enquiries outside of these dates should be made to the Diocesan Records at Essex Record Office – search their records online here or visit them – details here.


Baptism from 2000
Burials from 1949
Marriages from June 1999
Confirmations from 1965


Baptism from 1981
Burials from 1946
Marriages from July 1998
Confirmations from 1957


Baptism from 1972
Burials from 1982
Marriage from September 2008 Confirmation from 1986


Baptisms from August 1975
Burials from June 1877
Marriages from 18 August 2007 Confirmations from May 1930